Along the years, Ardennes Memores has become one of the major actor of historical re-enactment of World War II in Europe. The growing commitment of hundreds of re-enactors and thousands of onlookers coming from all backgrounds is one of the best proof of its tangible success.

This popular enthusiasm was proven once more at the occasion of the commemoration of the 75st anniversary of the “Battle of the Bulge”. It must be said that the scope of the 2019 edition was exceptional with more than 12.000 visitors in two days. It was no less than 280 re-enactors - coming from all over Europe and even from the United States - animated with dignity the villages of Hardigny and Neufmoulin, occupied respectively by the Americans and Germans.  The 1944 ambiance immersion was enhanced by the participation of dozens of vintage vehicles (wheeled or caterpillars) among them US M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, US light tank Stuart, US M8, Halftrack and original WH Stug III and SDKFZ 251, copy of Panther and SDKFZ 25. But the highlight of the event was without hesitation the re-enactment of the battle of December 1944 about the sacrifice of the Task Force Booth organized on Sunday morning. Also, the show of Foy-Notre-Dame and it’s english and german columns which had cross the Ardennes one week before.

Despite this fantastic popular success, the organizing association, Ardennes Memories (composed of the The Bro and HMRA associations as well as the participating village associations), has decided to stop their adventure and dissolve the association. Why such a decision?  A way too heavy structure resting under the shoulders of too few volunteers, pillars of the event. Anyway, we wish to thank warmly all the people, whom near or far, contributed to our cause to make this event the success we know. First and foremost the City of Bastogne, without forgetting all the sponsors. But nothing would have been possible without the active participation of the re-enacting and volunteers associations. To all, we want to express our immense gratitude for their dedication and professionalism.

And as every tale must have a happy ending, we wish that we will all meet again very soon for other events equally grandiose… but organize by others.


On behalf of Ardennes Memories asbl
FX Jordens